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The Pedders Tech Check & Report leaves nothing to chance. Carried out by expert technicians the check covers all essential under-car componentry including bushes and assembly parts. A comprehensive written report shows the current status of all-vital suspension and steering systems. During the check, Pedders expert technicians will identify any immediate work required plus advise on when additional servicing should be carried out in the future. Following the check, customers are given a step by step guide as to precisely what work will be carried out and which parts will be used to bring their vehicle back to peak performance and correct operating standards.



Consider having a Pedders, Tech Check & Report prior to using your vehicle for any extensive touring or when your vehicle begins to show signs of reduced performance. This could include uneven tyre wear, loss of steering control, poor handling or vibration.



Pedders Tech Check & Report Policy

Any component that is likely to become unserviceable within 6 months or 10,000kms of the inspection, based upon our experience of both the vehicle type & model, kilometres travelled and likely driving situation, will be recommended for replacement.

The Pedders Tech Check & Report is suited for cars that may have any of the following conditions:

  • Feels generally unsafe
  • Braking unevenly
  • Due for a routine undercar inspection
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Pulling to one side while driving
  • Noisy steering and/or suspension
  • Steering wheel is off centre
  • Rough ride

Our trained specialist technicians will drive your vehicle onto the Penrose Automotive store which will systematically test your vehicles potential for tyre wear, weight*, shock absorbers*, suspension* and brakes.

*Note: Unfortunately, as shock absorbers deteriorate over thousands of kilometres, it is often the case that a vehicle’s safety is gradually compromised via increased braking distances, unstable cornering and various stability concerns.

Once either one of the above tests has been made our trained technicians will then move on to conduct the following checks and report.



Under Car Inspection

Our trained specialist technicians will systematically inspect your vehicle’s entire steering and suspension system and other related undercar components from front to rear.



Brake Pad & Rotor Inspection

Check and Report on the wear and operating condition of these components, removing wheels as required.



No Obligation Analysis and Written Report

Penrose automotive staff are trained to know how to accurately evaluate the results of the report. So should your vehicle require work to be carried out to ensure its safety and dependability, we will outline for you within a scale of urgency the options available to you, using only pedders approved components.

This is a no obligation report, so you can decide what suits you best.

Ensure your vehicle exceeds the safety standards of the roads with a:



Tech Check & Report

When it comes to your car, you can never be too cautious. Book a $14 Tech Check & Report today to ensure you and your passengers are always safe on the roads.

The Tech Check & Report that offers peace of mind for your car

Book a $14 Tech Check & Report today at your Penrose Automotive store. Please fill out the form – we be in contact with you via SMS within 24 hours or within the next working day to confirm your vehicle inspection booking.

Be safe on the roads and get your Tech Check & Report today.

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