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Kelmscott Radiators & Air Conditioning (previously Natrad Kelmscott) continues to Supply, Install & Repair Radiators at a superior standard. We still supply the high qualitiy Adrad product range, and now have a greater flexibility to provide an even larger range of Radiator & Cooling System products to give our customers a greater choice of both quality and budget options. Our qualified team will install your Radiator & carry out all of your Cooling System Repairs in our professional workshop.

Radiator warning signs!

Ask yourself the following questions about your car. These are the warning signs and symptoms of a problem.

  • Does your car’s temperature gauge often go up into the red on hot days?
  • Do you often have to top up your radiator with water on hot days?
  • Are you aware that a leaking heater system can lead to scalding inside the vehicle?
  • Are you towing heavy loads?
  • Are you traveling for long periods?
  • Are you using quality radiator products?

To ensure you obtain the maximum life of a new radiator, book your annual radiator service. 

  • Inspect cooling system hoses
  • Check hose clamps where required
  • Check for worn fan/engine belts
  • Inspect the radiator for external and internal corrosion
  • Check for evidence of stray current
  • Pressure test cooling system and check for any leaks
  • Externally inspect water pump and welsh plugs
  • Check the radiator cap seal for any leaks or deterioration
  • Check for restriction in airflow
  • Flush system and refill coolant levels
  • This process will take between 30 – 45 mins
  • Heater & Air Conditioning inspection for head leaks

Quality Coolant!

Avoid extra costs of radiator corrosion, repairs and replacements by understanding the common cause for these problems is incorrect coolant usage.

Replenishing your radiator with only water dilutes the coolant concentrate and reduces its effectiveness in fighting corrosion. If a problem within your system is not diagnosed properly and fixed, this leads to blockages and/or total radiator failure.

Quality Products

Not all radiators are what they seem. Some suppliers use very cheap alternatives that are prone to failure, damage your car’s engine and cost you more in the long run with continual problems. Cheap radiators are manufactured using low quality grade raw materials and below standard engineering methods, which are imperative to the cooling system performance of your car. So make sure you are getting good overall value and your car goes the distance.

Trust a Specialist

When you trust your car to the team at Penrose Automotive you will know exactly where you stand. Whether you’re coming in for a simple system check up or a complete heating and cooling service, our experienced technicians will keep you informed every step of the way.

Call Ph: 9390 3593 and Book any service before September 17, 2022 and receive a FREE Loan Car!

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